“The Litter Bug” – Where We Are Today

Fundraiser 2016

Your donations help fill the trash bags Current Donations (11/25/16) - $610

Your donations help fill the trash bags
Current Donations (11/25/16) – $11,110

Changing the attitude and actions of the “litter bug” is a slow process.  Despite all of the volunteers’ effort, outreach, and visibility, litter remains a persistent presence in our neighborhood.  Volunteers alone cannot keep up with the daily litter in Dimond.  This litter, once it is on the ground, in the gutters, “belongs” to all of us – merchants, property owners, residents, and friends of Dimond.

Fundraiser – We Need Your Help

The “Help! Keep Dimond Clean” fundraiser goal is to continue the service by First Building Maintenance crew for the 5-day weekly litter removal. “Keep Dimond Clean” volunteers will continue to work 2 days a week on Wednesdays and Saturdays. There are also work days in Dimond Park.

“Help!  Keep Dimond Clean”

2016 Fundraising Goal:  $12,000

We are asking for donations from the groups listed below.  The Dimond Improvement Association, with support from “Oaktoberfest in the Dimond”, has made a generous donation to this fundraiser.

  • Dimond Improvement Association (DIA):  $3000  (received)
  • Two Star Market, 2020 MacArthur Blvd: $500 (received)
  • Little Caesars Pizza, 2218 MacArthur Blvd: $500 (received)
  • Dimond Business & Professional Association:  $3000(received)
  • Residents and friends of Dimond:  $5000 (goal)….to date $4110!

Please note: All donations made to the DIA for the Keep Dimond Clean program are designated funds to be used solely for Dimond merchant area maintenance and related expenses.  DIA annual membership is not included with a donation to the Dimond Improvement Association (DIA) supporting the Keep Dimond Clean program.